Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn't Suck

Runners be crazy.  And any runner who has been knocked down and beat up by an injury knows the sadness of not training for a marathon when you wish you could.  The minute you're injured, it seems like the whole world is training for a marathon. Some lucky bitches runners can run back to back to marathons and never get injured, and then there's people like me.  We train our little hearts out and then end up with a strain or stress fracture or tendinitis or some injury I can hardly spell.  We read about PRs and BQs up and down our Facebook newsfeed while we ice our aching, injured muscles and secretly hate all of the healthy people out there.  I've been through this more times than I can count or even remember and this time around I am realizing it might not be so bad after all.

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn't (Totally) Suck:

  1. You have more free time.  Imagine all of the time spent mapping out runs, setting out clothes and gear ahead of time, charging your Garmin, going to bed early, driving to your run destination, and the hours of actually running becoming FREE time.  This world does exist and it's kind of fabulous. "Normal people workouts" only last about an hour or so - Wham, bam, thank you, m'aam - leaving you with time to do whatever the heck you want.  
  2. You have prettier feet.  I have some gnarly running feet and I have to say, with a month off of running, I've been able to keep my pedicured toes painted and looking fresh.  Bye-bye, blisters!
  3. Workouts become social.  Running is tricky in that you can't just run with anybody, and for me, it is primarily a solo endeavor.  Finding someone that A.) runs and B.) runs a similar pace is not as easy as it sounds.  Compatibility is a factor when it comes to running but not so much when it comes to other forms of exercise.  Working out with friends is a total blast and a great way to hold yourself accountable. 
  4. You can try something new.  Variety is the spice of life and keeps boredom at bay.  When your priority is getting mileage in, other workouts often fall to the wayside.  Take running off the table and you can do something fresh and new every single day.  Try something radically different and your body will love you for it.  
  5. You're fun again!  In training mode, your world revolves around your training schedule.  As a marathon runner you're constantly responding with, "I can't. I have a long run in the morning."   It's great to be dedicated to the plan but it doesn't leave much room for spontaneity. When you're injured, texts about happy hour are met with an emphatic "Hell yes!" a lot more often. Cheers to that!

So fun to work out with friends!
I'm just trying to look on the bright side over here and love life just as much as if I was running.

Happy Friday, Fit Friends!