Monday, June 30, 2014

10 Weeks to Ventura

I'm all registered for Ventura and our hotel room is booked.  Race day is only 10 weeks away and it will be here in a flash!  Granted, I'm only training for 12 weeks, but 10 weeks is nothing when you consider the weeks devoted to tapering and intermittently cutting back.  I haven't been this excited and eager to run a marathon in quite some time.  It's hard to believe Boston 2013 was the last marathon I've run.  I'm definitely overdue.

The fantastic news is that I ran 12 miles on Saturday and woke up Sunday with absolutely no foot pain and just the usual calf soreness, nothing too crazy.  I am thrilled.  I suppose the stretching, icing and rolling are all working!  I also made my own version of the Strassburg Sock the other night and I think it helped.

Brittany and I are training together (but separate) for this marathon and we've been masters of coordinating our runs.  She left the house earlier than me, ran her own route and finished at our meeting point which has been a spot on the harbor.  I was out the door much later than her so by the time I finished she was already ready for her second beer.  Keep in mind it was only 10:30 AM when she finished but the World Cup is always a good excuse for beer, I suppose.  I, on the other hand, just wanted food. All the food.

So, we sat at a bar on the beautiful bayfront with the Coronado bridge in the background.  I drank boatloads of water, enjoyed a veggie scramble and relaxed while Brittany shouted at some TVs.  I left my car at work the night before in east village so we could grab it after our run and drive home instead of doing an out-and-back.  Point to point runs are far more enjoyable!

Saturday evening we enjoyed a concert in the park with some friends and Sunday sat at a coffee shop doing some work before hitting the dog park and the gym.  It was quite a perfect weekend, if I do say so myself.

Bird Park Summer Concert Series

My week in workouts:

Monday: 6.5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles 
Wednesday: 1 hour of Orangetheory (included 3.5 miles)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 45 minutes of cardio (Stairclimber & ArcTrainer) + 15 minutes of core work
Saturday: 12 miles (woo woo!)
Sunday:  30 minutes on the elliptical + 3 miles

** My mileage is still really low (29 this week) because I am adamant about following the 10% rule.  I know better than anybody the risk of "too much, too soon."

This is what my perfect rest day looks like: good reading material, a bowl of greens and some red wine.
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My A, B and C Goals for the Ventura Marathon:

A) Run a 3:33 (just for kicks because 3 is my favorite number)
B) Qualify for Boston again (< 3:35) 
C) Start and finish injury free

If any of those happen, I will be happy.  :)  It's super exciting that Amy, Teresa and Brittany, three of my favorite people, are all running too.  I have a good feeling about you, Ventura!  My heart is in it this time around and that feels damn good.

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