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Top 3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

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Everybody wants to have those firm and sexy six pack abs that are seen on superstar athletes and fashion models from around the world, but getting them is a difficult proposition. There is an unfortunate lack of knowledge when it comes to carving out six pack abs that by doing a million crunches you will end up with the tone midsection you are looking for.
In reality, it takes a variety of different abdominal exercises completed with precision and proper form in order to obtain a washboard stomach. There are a lot of abdominal exercises floating around that can be performed, and each one comes with different results. On the you'll find a comprehensive list of ab exercises designed to shred your core.
Below, however, you can find three ab empowering exercises that will help set you on the path to a trim, sexy midsection in no time.
The Plank

Say what you will about movement carving out stellar abs, but the professionals at Ask Men Magazine
believe that the traditional plank is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core muscles. The plank is performed by resting on your forearms and tip-toes with your body flat as a plank. Engage your core muscles to lift your body off the ground and hold a plank position for 30 seconds. Release the pose, rest, and repeat again.
The plank is one of the most difficult exercises out there because it challenges the core muscles in your abdomen and back, as well as your chest, shoulder, and lower body muscle groups as well.
The Hundred

The next time someone tells you a simple "breathing" exercise from a Pilates class cannot sculpt lean abs, tell them to try doing the hundred. As covered in Fitness Magazine, you start by lying on your back with your arms extended at your side and your knees bent. As you exhale, raise your head and shoulders off the mat. At the same time, extend your legs straight upward at a 45 degree angle.
Lift your arms off the mat and begin to pump them up and down six inches either direction. As you are pumping your arms, count to 100 pumps. Try to exhale for five pumps and inhale the next five pumps until you reach 100. Keeping your lower back pressed against the floor will engage all the muscles of your core and shred your abs for a flat stomach.
Lying Glute Pushup

Finally, Ask Men suggests giving the lying glute pushup a try to challenge your core muscle groups. Lying on your back with your feet resting on a Swiss ball, push with your heels to life your butt of the floor as high as you can. The goal is to form a straight line extending from your knees to your shoulders. Hold that position for 60 seconds, or as long as your fitness level permits.
People often mistake abdominals and core muscles as being one in the same, when really the abdominal muscles are a part of the core muscle group that includes butt and back muscles as well. This particular exercise will help improve strength in your butt and lower back muscles.
Following these three exercises above, you'll be in tip-top shape this spring to tackle all of your adventures in the great outdoors with stamina and power.

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