Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marathon training, I've missed you!

This weekend marked my first time hitting mileage in the double digits in almost THREE months!  I can hardly even believe that much time has gone by since I've done a "long run."  It feels SO good to be back at it.

too funny not to share

This weekend, I met Teresa down in East Village and we ran from there.  Brittany was up and at 'em before I even woke up and did her own 10 miler.  She finished down by the harbor knowing that's where we'd be running.  We finished our runs within 20 minutes of one another so I met up with her down by the water where we grabbed coffees and breakfast and ate in the grass while we stretched and enjoyed the morning.  It was perfection.

We spent the afternoon at the dog beach with Gunner, who has become the greatest dog ever, you guys!  He's just awesome.  Saturday night we took a leisurely walk to Kensington Cafe, enjoyed some dinner, grabbed some decaf lattes for the stroll home and called it a night while we watched the season finale of Orange is the New Black.  And whoa!  Talk about an awesome ending!  Who has seen it?

Last night, Brittany and I met, once again, down by the harbor.  I ran from home to the water, got 6 1/2 miles in and then we had an impromptu date night at Zanzibar -- one of my East Village favorites.  Lately, I'm obsessed with kale and brussels sprouts.  Obsessed.  So, I had both.  I have to say, Zanzibar wins for the best brussels in town, in my humble opinion.  And Zanzibar also wins for best happy hour in San Diego!  I got a top shelf cocktail for $4 -- normally $11!  I will seriously be back to take advantage of that deal again.

post-run recovery drinks :) a must.
In short, marathon training is off to a fabulous start and I couldn't be happier to be running like this again.  What's even better is having Brittany training with me.  Granted, we don't actually run together, but we've done a great job of coordinating our runs so we finish together which has been working out beautifully and we get to bask in our post-run bliss together.  It doesn't get much better...

Favorite Post-Run Treat??

Mine is definitely any kind of dessert!  Last night we had creme brulee...