Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trigger Point + Running Euphoria

As you all know, I have taken a month or so off from running because of foot pain. I’ve been dealing with some nasty plantar fasciitis but until recently, I hadn’t been icing, stretching, rolling or doing any exercises specific to my injury.  Finally, a month passed and I realized resting is not synonymous with healing.  Go figure. 

where the magic happens | The Spinal Connection
I took a recommendation from Amy over at The Runner’s Hi for a great doctor in the area.  Amy has run a bazillion marathons and I know I can trust her, so I gave it a go.  It turns out, Dr. Katie Fox over at The Spinal Connection is nothing short of AMAZING.  She immediately knew that my foot issues were due to my ridiculously tight calf muscles. I swear sometimes I think my calves are going to just snap; they're that tight.  She explained the kinetic chain to me and all that fun physio stuff and then she snapped me into place. 

I’ve been going back weekly for Trigger Point Therapy and Rapid Release Therapy.  Trigger point is basically the best thing in the world if you like intense, deep massage in the most painful places-- which I do.  If not, you would likely consider it torture.

Since seeing Dr. Katie over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been able to run short distances again.  The key is that I need to put in the work to get healthy and stay healthy so I can continue to run.  It is imperative that I stretch, ice and roll every single day (multiple times a day if possible).  This is such a tedious task for me but it’s a choice I have to make and the reward is the ability to run.

Last night, I experienced a little bit of that reward and it was so sweet. Brittany and I went on the most perfect 4.5 mile run with Gunner, our lab puppy.  It was one of those magically delicious runs I write about every so often.  It wasn't quick by any means (speed will come with time) but it was rewarding nonetheless.  We ran in perfect synchronicity the entire way and when we finished, I could tell Brittany felt as great as I did.  We were both beaming and exhilarated.  It has been so long since I've felt that runner's high and I have to say, I forgot how incredible it is!  Now I can't help but crave more.  More miles.  More endorphins.  More wind in my hair.  More sweaty post-run hugs.  More.  And with time and work, I will hopefully see a lot more mileage in my future.

Until then, you can find me sweating at Orange Theory Fitness for the next month ...